All course have to be played in order starting at course number one. Each stroke is one point. Maximum strokes per course are six. If there is not reached the final target with six strokes, the player gets seven points for this course and continues playing at the next course.

For the first stroke the ball will be placed at one of the small holes at the tee-plate. If the ball don't pass the red line, it has to be played again from the teeplate. If the ball passes the red line and don't reach the final target, the ball has to be played from that position, where it has stopped. If it has stopped near the sideframe, it can be put away up to a distance of 20 cm to the frame.

Courses without any red line have to be played with each stroke from the teeplate.
Near obstacles you can find black marks, which are helping lines to put a ball away from an obstacle.
If an obstacle is fullfilled completely but has not passed the following 50 cm black line, the ball can be placed to the black line. If an obstacle is not passed completely with the ball, it has to be put at the 50cm black line before the obstacle.

If a ball jumpes out of the course behind the red line, it will be placed back again to the course at that position, where it jumped out (use minimum distance of 20 cm to frames and 50 cm to obstacles). There is no penalty point added.

The playinglevel of the courses can be adapted very easy to the personal playinglevel.
You can step on the courses with clean shoes. Please don't step on the frames and the obstacles.